Skaitykite daugiau

Congratulations to all on the occasion of the new school year. For the beginning of autumn and the first of September, we have prepared routes for you located around three Lithuanian cities:

Cognitive route of Vilnius Old Town. Get acquainted with the legacy and heart of Vilnius city history - Vilnius Old Town. The objects of the cognitive route are located close to each other. The road is laid out so that you can see as much as possible of this baroque old town, which was formed several hundred years ago and immortalized the history of the city.
It is recommended to go walking or cycling along the route.

Kaunas cognitive road. Kaunas Cognitive Road is a short route of 6 main objects of Kaunas tourism attraction. While traveling, you will get acquainted with the churches of exceptional and local significance, you will see the main historical heritage of the city located in the very heart of the city - Kaunas Castle, Town Hall and the defensive wall of Kaunas city. The cognitive road ends with one of the best examples of mature baroque in Northern and Eastern Europe - Pažaislis Monastery.
It is recommended to reach the first 5 objects of the route on foot or by bicycle. The last object - Pažaislis Monastery is recommended to be reached by car.

Cognitive road of Klaipeda county. The cognitive road of Klaipeda county is quite long, but its beauty promises to captivate even the most experienced travelers. The trip begins in the natural oasis of the Curonian Spit, considered a UNESCO heritage site, stretches towards the sacral and historical objects of Klaipeda, the natural and architectural heritage of Palanga resort, the Bird Ringing Station on the Curonian Lagoon and ends with two churches that stand out for their beauty and history.
This is a route of at least two days. It is recommended to travel by car along the route. Before planning your trip, please note that the estimated time indicated for the route is indicative and has been calculated for the distance from one object to another - the final time of the whole trip will depend on you and the time spent on each object.

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