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Due to the quarantine announced in the country, the Trakai Castle Museum has been closed for some time and has not received visitors, but now, although the main exposition is closed for repairs, you can see all other expositions and some exhibitions for free until May 31.

The exhibition "I Will Save" has been opened in the XIII-XIV halls of the western casemates on May 19. World Awards. The exhibition presents over 100 different awards established in 50 different states. Most of the awards are stars of the 1st and 2nd degree orders. The collection of orders of the Trakai History Museum was presented in the museums of the Republics of Poland and Belarus in 2016–2018, and is shown for the first time in Lithuania.

In the modern sense, the Order is a state award for special merits. Historically, the term "order" was formed in the epoch of the Crusades, so during this long period, such an award has accumulated a great and history, with the most famous events and names of all time.

In modern Europe, all independent countries have their own order systems, with the exception of one, Switzerland. And with this, the history of orders from all over Europe, exhibited in the museum, is worth getting to know for everyone. The exhibition will run until June 21,

In addition to exhibitions, Trakai Castle welcomes visitors with other, permanent expositions, but even they are constantly updated, so now is a great opportunity to see them.

Excursions and educations in Trakai Island Castle can be booked free of charge, but prior registration is required.

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