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The second largest city in Lithuania, located at the confluence of two largest rivers, is full of cultural and natural heritage wonders. The history of the city name is very interesting. Currently, the opinion of linguists is that the name of the city comes from the personal name Kaunas. What Kaunas was - it is not known, it is considered that it could have been the ruler of the castle. The current name of the castle allows to make such an assumption: even Kaunas residents more often call it Kaunas Castle than just a castle, although there is no other castle in Kaunas. The personal name Kaunas itself is derived from the adjective Kaunas - "who likes to fight, fight".

However, not only Kaunas Castle, which is already so well known, is worth your attention in this city. DayTrip Lithuania wants to offer you five reasons why you should visit and get to know Kaunas better.

1. Pažaislis Monastery - the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Camaldolese Monastery, located in Pažaislis, on the Kaunas Lagoon Peninsula. The ensemble is considered one of the best examples of mature baroque in Northern and Eastern Europe. The most important accent of the ensemble is the church. It is a Baroque, Latin cross plan, with a hexagonal 53 m high dome. There is a sundial on the south façade.

2. St. Gertrude Church. It is believed that this one of the oldest Gothic churches in Lithuania was built in the 15th century. on the other side.

The first candlelight shrine in Lithuania was built in St. In the vaulted basement of Gertrude Church, located under the presbytery part of the church, which, with an entrance from the field, in 1785-1794. kun. On the initiative of Jurgis Ulazovičius was built under the church. The Candle Sanctuary was consecrated in 2002. May 5 The first 28 candles were then lit with the intentions of the donors.

The Shrine of Candles is a part of the Unity of Prayer campaign, which is organized by Marian monks and their helpers all over the world, including in Lithuania near St. Gertrude Church of the Magical Cross. Everyone can ask for prayer help for themselves and others by making a particular sacrifice and stating the purpose for which it is intended, or without sacrificing anything. A candle is then lit in the Candlelight Shrine, which burns for seven days, and the participants of the Prayer Unity campaign pray for the requested intention to the miraculous Cross. Anyone who asks for prayer can become a participant in the Prayer Unity Action and pray with the intention requested by another person.

3. Kaunas St. The Archcathedral Basilica of the Apostles Peter and Paul stands in the Old Town, next to the Town Hall Square. Gothic, after reconstructions, acquired Renaissance, Baroque and Neo-Gothic features. It is the largest neo-Gothic monument in Lithuania.

4. Thunder House is one of the most valuable late Gothic buildings in Lithuania. It is probable that the house itself was built in the 15th century. at the end of 1818. a statue of a crowned man found during his repair named him the House of Thunder. Legend has it that the house belonged to the Hanseatic Merchants' Organization. Still, the prevailing opinion is that the house was built by a wealthy city dweller. The first mentioned owner Steponas Dulkė sold the house in 1546 to the mayor of the city Bernard Bitner. Three brothers Kojalavičiai grew up in this house, who later became Jesuits. One of them is Albertas, the author of the first Lithuanian history in Latin.

5. Church of the Resurrection in Kaunas is the largest basilica church of monumental architecture in the Baltic States. There is a 45 × 13 m terrace on the roof of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ, from which an impressive panorama of Kaunas city opens. The terrace is accessed through a side door by climbing stairs or taking the lift.

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