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DayTrip The list of Lithuanian cultural and natural heritage objects is constantly updated. You can check out the latest tourist destinations both on the website and in the mobile app. Our team is happy to offer you an even greater variety of destinations, most of which are open-air, so they will be attractive even during this period:

Čepkeliai reserve educational trail. Čepkeliai is a unique wetland complex that is little affected by human activity. The largest areas are occupied by a high marsh overgrown with rare cherry pines. There are more than 20 lakes of primary and secondary origin in the eastern part of the wetland.

The Merkinė Local History Museum is located in the building of the former church, built in 1888, during the Tsarist occupation. This church building was built by the Russians after the demolition of the old Renaissance-style town hall of Merkinė, which adorned the center of the village for 300 years. The church was built of brick from the old town hall.

The shore of Lake Mass. It is an important part of Telšiai city recreational areas for recreation and leisure, a place for organizing various large-scale events for the public. Cycling and hiking trails, new green spaces, elements of small architecture for recreation and sports have been formed: children's playgrounds, a marina, a beach where not only residents of the city but also guests can spend their free time, and events are organized to attract more and more people on the shores of Lake Mass. established Sculpture Park, overlooking the lake.

Šilutė manor homestead. An English-style park with three ponds and walking trails was established next to the manor. The park, which stretches along the Šyša River to the old railway bridge, contained about 150 species of vegetation. There are now 40 species of trees and shrubs in the park.

President K. Grinius Bridge. A few kilometers outside the city of Šilutė towards Rusnė, the bridge of President K. Grinius built near the village of Žalgiriai is also called the Šlažai Bridge. A 13-arch reinforced concrete bridge was built in 1926 through flooded flood zones in the village of Šlažai.

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