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Labanoras Regional Park is located in the eastern part of Lithuania, in Molėtai, Utena and Švenčionys districts. It covers an area of ​​55344 ha, the regional park consists of the most valuable areas from the point of view of nature and ethnography, they are divided into zones, reserves, the park has two reserves: Kauneliškis - for preserving ancient forests and Girutiškis and mammals. Reserve, right next to the center of Labanoras Regional Park - Labanoras town. Labanoras Regional Park borders the Aukštaitija National Park, so when traveling around the most beautiful places in eastern Lithuania, you will probably cross the territory of both parks.

In the heart of Labanoras Regional Park - Labanoras forest, and in it, the town - Labanoras. It is often visited by tourists, as it is on its way to the most visited towns of Aukštaitija National Park: Palūšė, Kaltanėnai, Ginučiai and others. However, while driving through the country, it is worth stopping in this town and its surroundings, there are many natural and cultural heritage objects, the town meets the traditional Lithuanian, Aukštaitija rural architecture.

Labanoros St. The Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary has been mentioned in writings since 1522. as a crumbling church with a picture of Mary Sopulingo, considered miraculous. The church was later rebuilt, but burned down a few decades later. The current building complex was formed by rebuilding the church in 1818 - 1820. The ensemble of buildings consisted of a bell tower, a rectory, a barn, a farm building, and a cemetery fence with a gate. 2009 in the summer, the church was reconstructed, but in the winter of the same year it burned down completely, along with all its valuables. Only the belfry, built in the 19th century, remains. pr. During the clean-up, residents discovered a treasure - about 70 kg. "White metal" and over 1,000 tsarist coins. You can see this find in Nalšia Museum, Švenčionys. 2010 - 2011 the church was rebuilt, framing the remains of works of art that survived the fire.

Six Labanoras pines - a group of exceptional pines growing in nearby Labanoras, was declared a natural monument in 1968. The trees are located on several acres and grow in Antaliedė forest district, Kauneliškis nature reserve. Each pine is marked with an information board. The tallest Lithuanian pine grows in the same reserve, its height is even 44 meters.

Lake Labanoras is on the outskirts of the town and can be reached by bike path. There is a rest area with a bathing place, gazebos and tables by the lake. Great place to travel for lunch in nature.

The town is home to the Labanoras Regional Park Visitor Center, where you can visit exhibitions and see the nature exposition. At the visitor center you can find out about all the sights and campsites of the park. The center provides information on hiking, cycling and water tourism routes.

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