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One of the most beautiful events taking place in Aukštaitija National Park, Stripeikiai Beekeeping Museum - International Bee Day - has been canceled.

Stripeikiai is the oldest village in Aukštaitija National Park, it is the only such beekeeping museum in Lithuania. The last ice age, in this area, has left an incredibly rugged terrain: mountains, lakes, streams, all of which are glacial gifts to this land.

The area is just sand and gravel, so it is rare for anyone here to be able to make a living from agriculture, many of those who lived here engaged in hunting, fishing, various crafts, and of course beekeeping. The construction of the Museum of Ancient Beekeeping began in 1978. The former buildings have been restored and a large exposition has been placed in them. The museum opened its doors to visitors in 1984. It soon became the most visited object in Aukštaitija National Park. The museum fascinates visitors not only because of the expositions, but also because of the constantly organized events related to beekeeping crafts and ancient Lithuanian traditions.

This year is the first time that the coronavirus pandemic has had to cancel the International Bee Day event due to the situation in the country. This festival annually attracts visitors from all over Lithuania. The organizers of the event, Aukštaitija National Park and Labanoras Regional Park Authority regret that the Beekeeping Museum is currently not only canceling the event, but does not accept visitors at all, but if the situation does not change, the Park Authority intends to reorganize the museum and offer accessible outdoor expositions.

The Bee Day celebration will not be canceled or moved, but we remind you that this is not the only event of the year that takes place at the Stripeikiai Beekeeping Museum, we invite you to follow the DayTrip news and plan trips to Aukštaitija National Park together!

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