Skaitykite daugiau

Looking for a safe weekend with family? Try our remote nature routes. This weekend we offer a Nemunas sightseeing route.

This is probably one of the most beautiful long routes in Lithuania, perfectly illustrating the harmony of Lithuanian architecture and natural heritage. The road stretches from Palemonas Hill, along the longest Lithuanian river Nemunas.

This is a route of at least two days. It is recommended to travel by car along the route. Before planning your trip, please note that the estimated time indicated for the route is indicative and has been calculated for the distance from one object to another - the final time of the whole trip will depend on you and the time spent on each object.

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DayTrip Lithuania reminds you that when you travel in Lithuania, you still have to follow the instructions of the Government. It is still mandatory to wear protective equipment - face masks or respirators. Persons in parks and other open public places are obliged to visit and be in groups of no more than 2 persons, except for close relatives, adoptive parents, adoptive parents and guardians, caregivers, to maintain safe contact (more than 2 meters and less than 15 minutes), to avoid direct physical contact.



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