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Until now, the Nida lighthouse could only be seen from the outside, but from this summer the lighthouse will be open to those who are determined to climb to the top. From there, a breathtaking panorama of the Curonian Spit and the surrounding lagoon and sea will open up.

Nida is famous for its special tranquility and annually attracts a swarm of its longing travelers. The real symbol of this oasis of peace is the famous Nida lighthouse. The first lighthouse in Nida appeared in the early 1980s. A red brick hexagonal tower was built along with landscaping of the 51.4-meter-high Urbas Hill. The lighthouse became operational on October 24, 1874. A stone-paved path led to him with 200 steps that have survived to this day.

The first lighthouse of Nida operated until the end of the Second World War - it was blown up by retreating German soldiers. However, already in 1945 the lighthouse was rebuilt. All over the world, lighthouses differ in their shape, color and signals, so you won't find another one like the one in Nida. The current red and white striped navigable reinforced concrete cylindrical tower for sailors sends signals and operates automatically during the dark hours of the day with special contractual signs.

Nida lighthouse is the highest level ship sign in Lithuania -  79 m. above the sea.It emits a visible light signal at a distance of 41 kilometers from the shore.

The Nida lighthouse is still in operation. In 2016 its lighting equipment has been upgraded. A bright specific white light signal is emitted at dusk.

Information about visiting hours and services will be published later.

Information from Neringa museums



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