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In the Labanoras Regional Park, the Peršokšna River flows out of Lake Peršokšnai, it is wide and shallow, but it winds its way through the Labanoras forest until it flows into Lakaja. The salmonid, who comes here to spawn, loves to jump. The river is protected by the Žeimena Ichthyological Reserve.

Walking on the Peršokšna riverbank was usually not easy, in some places the slopes of the river are quite steep, covered with dense forest, the shores in some places resemble small swamps, with their characteristic vegetation, these places are especially popular with birds.

Januliškis is the largest settlement located by the river, which can be reached by winding roads of the Labanoras forest. 4.2 km away, the Peršokšna nature trail starts here, where you can travel on foot or by bicycle, forest trails and wooden riverside trails, and bridges.

The cognitive trail is special not only for the beauty of natural nature, but also for the fact that when you come here you can get acquainted with the old traditions of pine trees, passing not only a pine forest, but also meters, later you will also see the inaccessible bruises, dams stacked by beavers.

The trail is currently open, but all billboards have been temporarily removed and will be refurbished this year. The trail will greet visitors with more factual and visual information. It is also planned to repair wooden footpaths and recreation areas. The work is scheduled to be completed during the warm season this year.

Near the nature trail you can visit another state-protected natural object - "Juodalksnis Gumbulis", which, due to its rare size and age, was built in 2005. declared protected.

After completing the route of the cognitive trail, it is worth visiting the small, Januliškis village on the side. Here once stood a manor, the surrounding lands belonged to Count Schneider, he built the manor and planted a larch alley, part of which, we can see today. One of the buildings of the manor at that time was a warehouse, which was later rebuilt into a chapel (St. Tadas Judas and Simon), which is still the center of the village to this day and welcomes visitors.

Peršokšna Cognitive Trail, one of the objects worth visiting when traveling in the eastern part of Lithuania. We invite you to follow DayTrip news and plan trips around Lithuania together!

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