Skaitykite daugiau

From today, by government decree, quarantine conditions are relaxed and parks, botanical gardens, and nature trails in open outdoor spaces are open to visitors. For the time being, the sightseeing towers remain inaccessible due to the narrow constructions.

Wondering where to go and spend your free time safely? DayTrip Lithuania has some tips for the coming weekend and the rest of the quarantine period.

1. Visit the Nemunas Loops Regional Park. This wonderful park with its biodiversity and cultural heritage is extremely large, so you are sure to find more remote places for walks. There are as many as 20 mounds in the park. The most famous are Birštonas Vytautas Hill and Punia Margiris Hill. The famous Pilėnai Castle could have stood on the high mound of Punia. Wonderful views open from Pošvenčiai, Narava, Paverkniai mounds. Valuable architectural works of folk masters are Prienai and Nemajūnai wooden churches. Some of the most beautiful landscapes from the sight on the bank of the Nemunas near Balbieriškis, from the slopes of the Nemunas Valley and the mounds of Punia and Birštonas. Impressive outcrops of Balbieriškis, Siponiai, Škėvonys. Discover all these objects on our website or application:

2. Visit the Neris Regional Park. The Neris Regional Park is primarily the Neris River, with its picturesque surroundings, small villages and layers of ancient Lithuanian history. The park is established in the most beautiful section of the Neris, the expressive landscape of the river valley, the unique flora and fauna, the unique system of loops in the middle of the Neris and the protection of natural tributaries and cultural heritage. The Neris Regional Park has 6 nature trails and trails, which are characterized by extremely interesting natural and heritage sites. More about the park:

3. Breathe in the aromas of pine forests on the seaside. The Curonian Spit can become an oasis of health for your family. Visit the UNESCO-listed sand dune peninsula. Here you will find nature trails, impressive dunes, a sound trap, sculpture parks. Start your route here:

4. Develop Lithuanian mounds and natural objects in open outdoor spaces. The cognitive route of Lithuanian mounds woven with legends begins at the seaside of the country and includes a total of 6 impressive mounds, each of which has its own history:

5. Visit one of the largest manor parks in Lithuania. Plungė is famous for the Dukes Oginskiai Park. The central part of the park occupies a high, level terrace, there is a geometric plan. The other part is occupied by a landscape park, which includes the Babrungas riverbed and two roles - east and west. The latter has four ponds and the east three. The main alley starts at the gate on the southeastern edge and ends at the palace. There is a spacious terrace next to the palace, which offers views of the depths of the park and the river itself. Find out more:

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DayTrip Lithuania reminds you that when you travel in Lithuania, you still have to follow the instructions of the Government. It is still mandatory to wear protective equipment - face masks or respirators. Persons in parks and other open public places are obliged to visit and be in groups of no more than 2 persons, except for close relatives, adoptive parents, adoptive parents and guardians, caregivers, to maintain safe contact (more than 2 meters and less than 15 minutes), to avoid direct physical contact. contact.



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