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In summer, not all of us travel to Western Lithuania at least once. Most often to visit and enjoy the Baltic Sea, golden dunes, fragrant pine forests. This summer, we invite you to diversify your travels with inexhaustible cultural, historical and architectural heritage objects of Western Lithuania worthy of your visit!

1. Visit the Varniai Regional Park and its St. the Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul, St. Alexander Church and the building of the Former Varniai Priests' Seminary.

2. The historical-archeological complex of Kartena mound, also called Castle, Swede, Lūžties hill, stands in front of Kartena town, on the opposite bank of the river Minija. From the mound there is an impressive view: as on the palm - the town of Kartena, the bend of the Minija and the valleys.

3. Plungė manor - an impressive manor house and one of the largest parks in Lithuania. It is not for nothing that this manor is called the Lithuanian Versailles. The park is believed to have been established in the mid-18th century. Using the Babrungas River and springs, a system of seven ponds was created in the park. In front of the palace was excavated a round-shaped pool, in the middle of which was installed an island with a sculpture. Many exotic trees and shrubs, lindens, ash and bark alleys were planted in the park, mushroom and other forms of gazebos, a number of sculptures and vases were installed for relaxation.

4. Klaipeda Clock Museum is one of the most unique museums in Northern Europe. The museum exhibits originals, models and copies-reconstructions of ancient calendars, sundials, water, fire, hourglasses, 17th-20th centuries. mechanical watch originals.

5. Amber Bay - an idyllic lagoon bay in the northern part of Juodkrante. Its name is associated with the times of amber mining in the past.

6. Kretinga Revelation of the Lord. Church and monastery of the Virgin Mary. The church has Gothic and Renaissance features, a basilica, with a semicircular chapel and a tall tower. There are 7 baroque altars. The church houses the oldest known organ in Lithuania.

7. Aries Hill is located in the territory of Juodkrante Landscape Reserve. The southern part of the parabolic dunes and the landscape painting of the old stands of Scots pine - the old forest - are also perfectly visible from the Avikalnis sight.
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