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"Traveling abroad is necessary so that we can compare other countries with our homeland. Then you understand that in order to admire the eye-pleasing images, you don't have to go far, ”says the famous photographer Romualdas Požerskis, who decorated the interactive, non-commercial Lithuanian travel website and mobile app DayTrip Lithuania with images of fabulous beauty.

It took almost a year for R. Požerskis to beautifully immortalize the most famous objects of Lithuanian cultural and natural heritage, but they allowed him to understand where the beauty of Lithuania lies. According to the photographer, knowing what can be visited in Lithuania is especially important at the moment - the weather is improving, and the coronavirus pandemic will encourage to refuse trips to other countries for at least some time.

“Our country is green, has many lakes and rivers surrounded by forests. In addition, the environment is developed in such a way that it is accessible to everyone who wants peace, ”he shares his impressions.

The aim of the initiative implemented by the Lithuanian Business Confederation (LVK) is to create the most comfortable environment for travelers. The DayTrip Lithuania website and app contain many of the most famous Lithuanian cultural and natural heritage objects, which are presented in English and Lithuanian.

According to R. Požerskis, a photographer of the DayTrip Lithuania project, Lithuania is a wonderful place to travel, as beautiful objects can be found in any corner of the country.

- How long did it take to capture all the sights?

- Photography took about a year and those years were very intense. I can say that Lithuania is changing rapidly, and when I talk about changes, I mean that both manors and mounds, as well as all other objects that are maintained, are changing and beautifying. Most of the objects had to be captured at the appropriate time, as some look more beautiful in the evening and others in the morning. And that, of course, cost a lot of time.

- Maybe you had to see a lot more interesting environment during photography than you expected?

- I once asked myself - what is the most interesting thing for a photographer to do his work? Then I thought there was nothing better when you travel and take pictures, see nature, mounds, mansions, churches and other beautiful images. Seeing this is the greatest pleasure.

Work with the Daytrip Lithuania project was purposeful. But there were also surprises. Sometimes there was nice lighting, nice clouds, but it didn’t go out to do the job properly because the wind was blowing too hard and interfering with taking the drone up from shooting from above. Finally, we had to observe the weather before the objects were captured, because we wanted the sun to shine and the wind to stop. While I was working, I felt curiosity from the people around me. Some tourists asked to show what images were taken. There was even a case where a person thought I was photographing the environment because I wanted to steal his homestead (smiles).

- What makes Lithuania unique compared to other countries?

- Compared to most countries, Lithuania is unique in that it is green, has many lakes surrounded by forests, which is very reassuring. In addition, the environment is so developed that it is accessible to anyone who wants peace.

In Lithuania, the climate is neither too hot nor too cold, and our country is getting better and better due to the infrastructure developed for tourism and leisure. I myself have traveled and seen what other countries look like, and I have repeatedly wondered how unique our country is. I thought that I would very much like to increase people's interest in Lithuania. I am glad to have to contribute to that now.

- Can you single out at least a few places that you would not hesitate to suggest to visit in Lithuania first?

- I would suggest visiting Dzūkija, where the Nemunas flows and there are such towns as Merkinė or Liškiava. Also admire Aukštaitija with all its lakes. But the sweetest country I would definitely recommend to visit is central Samogitia with such towns as Varniai, Laukuva, Telšiai. There is a kind of interesting history of the country, the language of the people is very exceptional. I find that place very interesting.

- Can we say that this year will be the best time for trips to choose Lithuania?

- In general, I would say that travel abroad is necessary so that we can compare other countries with our homeland. Sometimes having nothing to compare with can say that everything is perfect or everything is very bad. However, when you see other countries, you understand how happy you are here in Lithuania. Then you know that you don't have to go far, because Lithuania is just a wonderful place for those who want to travel and admire the eye-pleasing views.

Travel this summer in Lithuania! Download our mobile app and get to know the impressive Lithuanian cultural and natural heritage objects comfortably and independently. The DayTrip Lithuania mobile app can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play  platforms.



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