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Druskininkai is a resort rich in nature. It has been valued for natural and medicinal resources for centuries. Thousands of people from all over the world travel to Druskininkai every year to strengthen their health and regain their physical and mental balance. Although due to the quarantine announced in the country, many spas, spas and other entertainment do not work in Druskininkai, there is still something to do here on the weekend.

This resort pours most of its "magical water" into health centers, swimming pools and saunas in Lithuania, although now these places are closed, the sources of water with healing properties are easily accessible from the outside. One of them is an open source of "Beauty" on the bank of the Nemunas, in the very center of the city. Its water is the saltiest in Druskininkai - as much as 65 grams of minerals per liter of water. With this water it is possible to wash, rinse the throat, the water of the "Beauty" spring acts as an effective anti-inflammatory agent. This source is shrouded in legends and various stories.

Druskininkai welcomes the guests of the city not only with a quiet and relaxing rest, but also with offers of active leisure. The city is waiting for visitors even about 60 km. bicycle path. It is possible to ride a bicycle through the streets and park tracks of the resort, on the bank of the Nemunas and around the city - Lake Druskonis. On the forest trails you can reach the “Grūtas Park” near the city, the Giria Aidas Museum, the ethnographic village of Švendubrė and the legendary Raigardas Valley. You can drive on the newly paved sections of the path even at dusk, because there are lights next to the path.

Druskininkai city center, from the central square to Druskininkai St. The Church of the Scapular of the Virgin Mary stretches along an alley with many monuments, impressive floristic elements, and cozy seating. At the end of the alley, a church of exceptional neo-Gothic architecture, with an old and interesting history, which can be seen on the information stands next to the church.

The city regularly hosts outdoor exhibitions and various events. Druskininkai is proud of its tidy city, exceptional architecture of old, wooden buildings, a favorite church and church. Well-developed information system for city visitors. There are plenty of restaurants serving exclusive cuisine, a cozy atmosphere and live music to welcome guests. In the city - you will find something to do! We invite you to follow DayTrip news and plan trips around Lithuania together!

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