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The Anykščiai Treetop Walking Path is the first path in the Baltic States and the entire Eastern Europe that provides an opportunity to take a walk high above the ground, at the level of treetops. The Treetop Walking Path complex includes: an information centre, the path itself, and an observation tower. A folk band from the Lithuanian ethno-cultural region called Aukštaitija (the Highlands) was selected to be the architectural motif of the observation tower. Diamond shaped motifs in the band dominate the facades. The 300 meter long Treetop Walking Path is designed for exploring and admiring the Lithuanian dendroflora growing in the Pinewood of Anykščiai. The path is located approximately 5 km to the southwest of Anykščiai, near the left bank of Šventoji River, sheltered by the Pinewood of Anykščiai which is part of Anykščiai Regional Park. The Treetop Walking Path is administered by Anykščiai Regional Park Direction.


Anykščiai Treetop Walking Path begins on the hill near Puntukas Stone and gradually rises to a height of up to 21 meters, winding along the treetops. A 34 m high observation tower stands at the end of the path. The top of the tower overlooks the Pinewood of Anykščiai and Šventoji River. You can even see the distant towers of the highest church in Lithuania – Church of Apostle Evangelist St. Matthew in Anykščiai. The observation tower also has an elevator for the elderly and the disabled who wish to enjoy the views of the Treetop Walking Path. Visitors walking through the path will find information stands describing the local flora and fauna.


This relatively small forest is one of the most famous forests in Lithuania. The Pinewood of Anykščiai was made famous by one of the most prominent poets in Lithuania Antanas Baranauskas. He wrote the poem “The Forest of Anykščiai” in 1858-1859. While travelling through the Treetop Walking Path, you will discover certain extracts from the poem. There are 6 information stands situated between the information centre and the Treetop Walking Path. The stands introduce various trees, as well as our natural and cultural value – Puntukas Stone.


Constructions of Anykščiai Treetop Walking Path began in October of 2014 according to the project of the Operational Programme for Promotion of Cohesion – Management of Protected Areas, Stage III. The project was financed in 2007–2013 by the European Regional Development Fund. This project received support of 2.5 million euros which were also used to additionally build a convenient drive-way to the path, tidy up the surrounding areas and install an information stand.


11 thousand people visited Anykščiai Treetop Walking during the first weekend when it was opened