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Biržuvėnai manor is one of the most prominent examples of a 18th-19th century wooden manor. Its architecture signifies its exsitence spanning over two centuries and encompassing both the baroque and classicistic styles.

The manor has undergone a series of reconstructions, with the biggest one taking place in the middle of 19th century. The manor has suffered greatly during the Soviet occupation, when it was misused  for agricultural purposes. Still, the worst was yet to come - in 2004, the wooden manor collapsed into flames.

Nevertheless, the manor was rebuilt in 2011. Although the manor was constructed using present-day materials, it still retains all of the authentic architectural details of its 19th century predecessor. The interior is decorated in 19th century style furniture, manor’s original floor tyles, and fireplaces. Visitors can see authentically recreated rooms and get the sense of everyday life of a major landowner. The manor is neighboured by a stable and a carriage garage.

In addition, one of the living rooms now hosts a library.