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The rectangular, red-brick, historicist church was built in 1854. The front pediment of the church is crowned by a two-story openwork tower embellished by beautiful stained-glass windows. Once a Dutch tile roof, now is covered with red galvanized sheet metal. When you visit the church, you are greeted by a statue of St. Mary. The presbytery is decorated with two stained glass windows, one depicting St. Augustine, and the other one depicting St. Elizabeth.

The church boasts three altars, each of them decorated with sculptures. Sculpt of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross adorns the grand altar, while the smaller altars are embellished with the sculpts the St. Virgin Mary and the Heart of Jesus. The grand altar also contains a wooden crucifix, surrounded by sculptures of the St. Virgin Mary, St. Peter, and St. Paul.

The pulpit is wooden and Gothic, with a bas-relief depicting the four evangelists and the Decalogue.


  • Donatas Dobilinskas
  • Miglė Petrušytė