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The Čepkeliai Nature Reserve was established in 1975 in order to protect one of the oldest and unique Lithuanian marshes, inland dunes, forests, relict lakes, natural hydrological marsh system, and rare flora and fauna.  

The Čepkeliai Marsh is unique and almost untouched by the human activity. The majority of the area is covered by a raised bog surrounded by tall pine trees. Over 20 primary and secondary succession ponds are situated at the eastern part of the bog. In the south, the raised bog gradually turns into a fen with its sedge plants, reeds and osiers. The Musteika Creek starts in the wetland at the western border of the nature reserve. Most of the reserve’s woods are comprised of dry lichen and pinetum vacciniosum forests surrounding the bog. The nature reserve has an exceptionally large variety of species, including a number of protected plants and animals. The Čepkeliai reserve is the go-to breeding ground for wood grouses and cranes.

The Čepkeliai Nature Reserve is the largest natural park in Lithuania and a distinct mosaic of flora and fauna. The habitats of rare species such as the wood grouses, cranes, black grouses, amongst many others, plants and mushrooms remain undisturbed by human activities. The nature in Čepkeliai Nature Reserve is extraordinary. The raised bog territory which is the largest in Lithuania is the perfect dwelling for species inherent to the northern lands. Animals and plants typical to the south have made their homes in the sand dunes surrounding the bog as the sand tends to accumulate heat during the summer. Cohabitating one with each other, both the plants and the animals of the northern and southern origins comprise the singular biological variety of the Čepkeliai Nature Reserve which is also crucial for the wellbeing of several species.

An educational path of 1.5 km winds across the marshland. The trail leads visitors across the marsh, sand dunes, and pine forests of the Čepkeliai Reserve introducing the typical plants of these biological environments. This provides a rare possibility to take a brief glance at the Čepkeliai Marsh which is considered to be one of the most unique places in Lithuania. The wooden educational trail leads to the observation platform and tower which allow to see far across the wide foggy bog and its small forested islands.


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