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Chaimas Frenkelis’ villa is amongst the most popular cultural tourist destinations in Northern Lithuania. The villa represents unique Art Nouveau architecture, a rare site in Lithuania’s architectural landscape. It boasts preserved wood trim interior, fresco fragments, detailed stucco ornamentation, and a breath-taking collection of art, jewellery, and antiques.

The two-storey villa contains a stylized exposition “Provincial Manor and the City in the Middle of the 19 Century – the Middle of the 20 Century,” which reflects the glamourous manor life of Lithuania’s wealthiest families. It exposes the personal and public lives of these personas, analyses their cultural, economic and political influence in Lithuanian territories.

Additionally, the villa houses the “Jewish Heritage in Šiauliai: The Merchants Frenkaliai” exposition, which explores the heritage of Jewish culture in Lithuania, including the Frenkeliai family impact on Jewish culture and religion in Lithuania.

The renovated villa, the spacious park boasting ornate fountain and a rosarium of a thousand roses makes this historic site the perfect place for summer events. The villa and the park hosts the annual International Chaimas Frenkelis Villa Summer Festival, numerous exhibitions, European Museum Night events, and various other cultural activities for Šiauliai residents and guests from various countries to enjoy.