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The main feature of the Theater Square is the sculpture called “Taravos Anikė” (Ann from Tharau).

The monument is dedicated to Simon Dach, a Klaipėda-born German poet and an Konigsberg University alumni. Ann was a girl whom the poet fell in love with at first sight. However, the love story ends immediately as Ann was already engaged. To express his feelings, Simon Dach dedicated a poem to her called “Ann from Tharau”, which is still prominent in countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The square is best known for the fountain sculptute of Ann from Tharau with the bas-relief dedicated to the poet Simon Dach. Created and erected in 1912, the monument could not withstand the test of time, as, due to mysterious circumstances, it disappeared during the Second World War. Some theories speculate that Hitler wanted replace the monument with a statue of himself, others say that he had the sculpture removed because its back was turned to Hitler during his speech from the Klaipėda Drama Theatre balcony.  Fortunely, with the initiative of Klaipėda’s residents, the monument was reconstructed in 1990.


  • Marius Morkūnas (Marius Dizaineris)