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Degučiai St. Vincent Ferrer Church stands in the village of Degučiai, near the Žemaičių Naumiestis–Katyčiai road, on the right bank of Mirglonas River. Degučiai St. Vincent Ferrer Church is rather unique, because it is probably the only triangular wooden church remaining in Europe. The triangular layout of the church building is rather unusual and is associated with the Holy Trinity symbol.


The wooden church was built in 1757 by Tadas Bilevičius, the elder of Vainutas. It was also gifted a volok of land. In 1840, the church was repaired and a small tower was added to it.


It is believed that "a dark family stain" was what encouraged the constructions of the church: based on historical sources, Bilevičiai family was struck by a tragedy when Aleksandras Bilevičius attacked the manor of his brother Jonas, the elder of Vainutas, and the attack resulted in the death of Joana, the daughter of Jonas. Aleksandras Bilevičius likely began the constructions of the church, while his son Tadas Bilevičius finished them and equipped the church.


The church has folk architecture forms, a rare triangular layout (sides are 18 m long), three side outbuildings and a three-sided roof. The interior of the church has three 18th century altars carved by local artists, along with paintings and sculptures. The churchyard has an 18th century wooden, columnar bell tower with an embossed cross, and a 19th century sculpture of the crucified Jesus. The fence of the churchyard is masonry, with gates. There is also a wooden bell house and a chapel.


A pulpit with a confessional built below it is a unique element of the church. It is a rather rarely occurring architectural composition designed for small spaces.
The churchyard is surrounded by a stone wall. Two gates are inserted between the massive cement pillars. The churchyard has a small chapel, a wooden cross with folk sculptures and a four-sided bell tower covered with boards.


Life flowed surprisingly steadily at the house of prayer of Degučiai. The parish was always small and therefore rather poor, nevertheless Degučiai wooden church was always kept in good order. The church did not change much in two and a half centuries, even though it was renovated three times.


The name of Degučiai church changed three times during the 18th–20th centuries. In the inventory of 1805, the church was named the Church of the Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary. The unusual triangular layout of Degučiai church was always associated with the Holy Trinity symbol. In the 19th century, Degučiai church was called the Church of the Holy Trinity. This title may have been granted in 1811 during the visit of the bishop of Žemaičiai. Degučiai church was given its current title of St. Vincent Ferrer at the end of the 19th century.