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This heritage monument reflects the traditions of longevity, ancient construction and architecture. The church which resembles an old wooden residential house radiates authenticity and cosiness.


It was built in around 1730. Its metrics books were written since 1735. It is believed that a new church was built in 1778 by Mykolas Pacas. The church received lands in 1779 and a parish was established in 1781. There was also a parish church at the beginning of the 19th century. The church was rebuilt in 1845. In 1896, part of its balks were replaced and the size of the building itself was increased. A bell tower was built in 1850. The church was declared to be an architectural monument in 1957.


The form of the church is similar to that of a traditional residential house, it has a rectangular plan and small towers on the ends of the roof. The fence of the churchyard is masonry.