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The current brick church was built in 1957–1960 for the money donated by the faithful and according to the project of engineer-architect Juozas Baltrėnas. It is among the rare churches whose constructions were allowed during the Soviet era.


However, organizers of the construction of the church were arrested in 1961: parson Liudvikas Povilonis (1910–1990; later became an Archbishop), vicar Bronislovas Burneikis (1923–1991) and 5 other people. The sentenced priests had to serve 4 years in prison. The church building was seized by the government. A LSSR Philharmonic Branch was established here in 1963. The tower of the church was demolished, its altars were removed, and a philharmonic was built.


In 1988, the church was returned back to the faithful. Monsignor B. Burneikis who was assigned to be the parson and dean repaired the church and the rectory. First Mass was held on 25 November 1988. In 1989, the church tower was rebuilt and a 3 ton bell was made by Lithuanian masters in Darbėnai. An organ was gifted by Lithuanian Franciscan in USA.


The church has a rectangular plan, one tower and three naves. The 46.5 m high church tower has an observation deck. The builder of the church monsignor B. Burneikis was buried in the churchyard. The fence of the churchyard is masonry.