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The Sculpture Park is an open-air gallery of modern Lithuanian sculptures, which was founded in 1977. Today, across its vast 12 hectare terriroty, the park exhibits 116 unique sculptures created by 67 Lithuanian artists. In 1820, this site was opened as the central cemetery of the city. Because of this, a monument dedicated to those buried before 1944 can be seen in the park. Here also lie the rebels whom sacrificed their lives in the historic Klaipėda Revolt of 1923 after which Lithuania regained the control of Klaipėda region. Apart from that, the park also houses an obelisk - an authentic demarcation pillar that used to separate the border between Lithuania Minor (Prussian Lithuania) and Lithuania Major (Mainland Lithuania).

It is a great place to trace the history of Klaipėda from the 19th to the first half of the 20th century (the tomb of J. L. Wiener, the memorial to the Klaipėda Revolt, the World War II memorial, the monument for the lost at sea, and many others), as well as letting yourself to be engulfed by the peaceful harmony of nature and art.


  • Marco Pavone