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The first church was built in 1416 (one of the 8 churches built during the baptism of Samogitians). In 1421–1842, Luokė belonged to Samogitian bishops. The church was rebuilt in the second half of the 16th century.


All balks of the church were replaced in 1821. In 1841, the parish was serviced by four priests. It owned 7 voloks of land and 15 serfs. On 12 June 1863, priest Justinas Siesickis read the proclamation of rebels in Lithuanian in the church, and was exiled to Siberia for this. A sacristy was added in 1888.


The fence of the churchyard is masonry. Luokė parson Leonas Šapoka (born in 1909) who was killed in the night of 10 October 1980 was buried here.