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Margionys is a small village in the Dzūkija National Park offering quite a few interesting venues for tourists. One of them is the Margionys Barn Theatre. The theatre was established in 1920 and plays a prominent role in the history of Lithuanian theatre. It hosted the first Lithuanian play and comedy - “America in Sauna” - created by A. Vilkutaitis-Keturakis and directed by Teofilis Sukackas and later replaced by J. Gaidys. The Barn Theatre rose from the ashes after Lithuania restored its independence. The songs and plays created by J. Gaidys were passed from generation to generation and every family that has acted in the Barn Theatre plays there to this day. The live tradition goes on.

Visiting the Bobos Daržas Brook is also worthy of attention. The groundwater flows from deep aquifers upwards to gather in small pits and then flows further into a single bed which makes up the headwaters of the Skroblus Creek. Lithuania has no other such short stream brook (17.3 km in length) that would have so much water. According to the local folklore, all children of Margionys Village were born in the Bobos Daržo Brook and later fished out by an old lady in the deeper parts of the creek to be given to the parents. 

In the autumn of 1996, archeologists discovered many flint chips and splinters in the left shore of the Skroblus Creek. The findings belonged to the Paleolithic Age and not long after numerous flint mines, workshops and settlements dating back to the 9th century BC were found.