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Hermanas Zuderman (Sudermann) is a famous writer and playwright, born and raised in Šilutė. He is best known for his drama “Die Ehre” (en. Honor) written in 1889. In Lithuanian Short Stories (Litauische Geschichten, 1917) Zudermanas cleverly depicts the places and people of his native landof Šilutė. The short story collection was dedicated to Hugo Scheu - the main sponsor of Šilutė’s cultural life. The short stories "Journey to Tilsit", "Mikas Bumbulis", and "Jonas and Erdmė" showcase the mastery and wit of Zuderman’s writing.

The monument to Zuderman was built in 1936. Hugo Scheu initiated and looked after the monument: he donated the space for the sculpture, planted the square's path with the writer's favorite trees - birches. Unfortunately, the monument was demolished during the Soviet era, and was replaced by an obelisk for Soviet soldiers. Nevertheless, after Lithuania restored its independence, the monument was restored by the initiative of the Šilutė H. Zuderman Public Writers' Club.


  • Donatas Dobilinskas (2017)
  • Andrius Endzinas (1930)