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Nida is famous for its special tranquility and attracts a group of its long-time travelers every year. The true symbol of this peaceful oasis is the famous lighthouse of Nida. The first lighthouse in Nida dates back to the early 1970s. The red brick hexagonal tower was erected alongside the landscaping of Mount Urb, 51.4 meters high. The lighthouse began operation on October 24, 1874. A stone-paved path with 200 stairs continues to this day. The old Nida lighthouse was equipped with a Fresnel optical system light machine, the burner of which used mineral oil. Every ten seconds, he sent a 4-second flash, visible at sea, 21 nautical miles away.

The first lighthouse in Nida was in operation until the end of World War II - it was blown up by retreating German soldiers. However, the lighthouse was rebuilt in 1945 and rebuilt in 1953. Beacons around the world are different in shape, color and signals, so you won't find another one like Nida. The current naval reinforced concrete cylindrical naval tower with red and white streaks sends signals to the sailors during the dark hours of the day and operates automatically.


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