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The Šilutė county court and prison complex was built in 1848 nearby the Žibai village. The complex initially accommodated up to 200 prisoners. All of the Šilutė’s criminals that were sentenced up to 3 years of solitary confinement were imprisoned in this particular prison.

In 1909 the building complex was reconstructed and expanded with an additional third floor and a new building. From 1923 to 1944, Lithuanian government used these buildings were used as a prison. After 1944, the Soviet government took over the control of the building complex and used it as a prison for political opponents. In 1953, after Stalin’s death, the prison was abolished.

In 1954, the buildings were remodeled to serve as a vocational school. For instance, the former courthouse and the prison’s dormitory were turned into classroom. Now the complex hosts the School of Tourism and Service.

In 2011, the prison’s former almost-century-old punishment cell was turned into a museum, that now hosts educational programs.


  • Gintaras Vitulskis

  • UAB “Saulės spektras”