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In 1721, Šilutė saw the establishment of a state manor. After reorganization of the Prussian state system in 1808 – 1818, Radke family acquired the manor. However, only the prosperity and revival of the manor began only in 1889, when it was acquired by Hugo Scheu – a public and cultural figure of Šilutė. He reconstructed the manor and rented parts of the manor to the town of Šilutė. As a result, the first museum in the region of Klaipėda was established.

On October of 1944 the manor was used as accommodation facilities for the Red Army and the majority the museum’s valuables were destroyed. During the Soviet period, the Executive Committee for Agriculture, School of Agriculture and the Agricultural Technical School operated in the manor.

After Lithuania regained its independence, restoration of the Manor complex was started. The manor doors were opened in 2015 and it currently houses a library and a restoration center, offers various educational activities and virtual exhibitions.

Near the manor you can find an English-style landscape garden. The park, stretching across the Šyša River all the way to the old railway bridge, contains approximately 150 species of vegetation and 40 different species of trees and shrubs.


  • Šilutės Hugo Šojaus muziejus