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Introduction of Euro gave birth to the idea of the monument to the Lithuanian currency – the Cents Room, which was implemented by artists and representatives of non-governmental organizations.

The idea of the Cent Room was welcomed by the director of Šiauliai University library Gražina Lamanauskienė, who designated one of library’s room specifically for that purpose. The project involved a wide plethora of people: everybody from the library staff, university students, national defence volunteers, to members of parliament and Šiauliai city council. People from all parts of Lithuania came together to glue the Lithuanian cents and create an homage to the now-obsolete currency.

The walls and the ceiling of the room were lined with Litas cents. In addition, a symbolic throne was created, with a huge one litas coin and a map of Lithuania hung above it. The whole area of the map was lined with white cents, while villages were lined with coins of 10, 20 and 50 Lithuanian cents, and cities were designated metal litas coins.

Another exhibit of the Cents Room is the Vytis Cross, made from ten units of litas silver coins. On March 6th, 2015 it was announced that the Cents Room consisted of 157 130 coins. The total value of coins is 3 305 litas and 65 cents. Protocols signed by the counting committee were given over to Lithuanian Records Registration Agency “Factum”.