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Ever since the 16th century, the quay of Danė river has been (blocked up) with warehouses. This can be seen in the oldest illustrations of the city.

Žvejų street (en. Fishermen street) is the home of Klaipėda’s best-known warehouses. In the first half of the 20th century, the warehouse on Žvejų 12 was called the “Germania-Speicher” (German Warehouse). The neighbouring warehouse on Žvejų 8 was given the “Dange-Speicher” (Danė Warehouse) name. Due to their striking resemblence, the two buildings were also referred to as “the two brothers.” The names of Klaipėda’s warehouses are rooted in history and tradition. During 18th-19th centuries, other prominent warehouses were known as Hermis, Leopardas, the Three Roofs, the Great One, the Green One, and Karolis.


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  • Marius Morkūnas (Marius Dizaineris)