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The Dendrological Trail in Juodkrante Old Town is equipped with an impressive sound trap that resembles a megaphone. This wooden sound trap, three meters high and just as long, has narrow and wide openings. Attaching an ear to a narrow opening or entering a wide opening allows you to listen to the sounds of the 'catch' in the forest and enjoy the surrounding environment. However, five minutes will not be enough, you will need about half an hour to enter the wide opening of the trap, then you will hear many forest sounds that cannot be caught by the naked ears. This wooden device “catches” them, amplifies the sound inside, and one can enjoy the forest symphony more than just walking in the woods. Such is the purpose of the sound trap installation - to give visitors the opportunity to experience new impressions, to enhance their senses, to feel the environment.

You will find the sound trap about a few hundred meters from the start of the Dendrological Trail, the path will branch out and you will turn left. It was there, in the forest clearing, and a facility was built.