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Between Preila and Nida, the highest point of the Curonian Spit lies in the Karvaičiai Reserve. It is a dune of Vecekrugas or otherwise Old Tavern, which is over 67 meters high and offers a truly spectacular landscape. It is said that there used to be a tavern at the foot of the dune, which apparently gave its name to a highland whose name comes from the Curonian words "vece" (old) and "krogs" (tavern). At the top of the Vecekrugo Dune lies a small open area with magnificent sea and lagoon waters, people's hand-carved green daisies, and a panoramic view of the Curonian Spit at Bulvikis Horn. The magnificent Vecekrugo Dune Mountain looks somewhat grandiose when you look at it from the north. The white sandstone diagonals that permeate the dune green mountain pine robe leave no doubt. Mountain pines on the Curonian Spit began to be planted as early as the mid-19th century. Initially the seedlings were transported from Denmark and then grown locally. Many pines drifted towards the settlements of the Curonian Spit were planted with mountain pines, thus stopping the sanding of forests and their surrounding settlements.

For visitors, the highest dune on the Curonian Spit is reminiscent of Mount Fuji in Japan, due to its regular, green, rugged top. And the observation deck on the Vecekrugo Dune opens up to the visitors the natural beauty of the Curonian Spit. Here you can see the shoreline of the lagoon, the panorama of the Bull's Horn, and the souls of the travelers are filled with tranquility, listening to the rustle of the Baltic Sea.


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