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The church has folk architecture forms and features of the Baroque period. It has a rectangular plan, a small tower and 5 altars. The graves of Vytautas Motekaitis (1914–1991) who was the parson of Vėžaičiai church since 1972 and Vytautas Skiparis (1954–2006) who was the parson here since 1996 can be found in the churchyard. The churchyard also has a wooden bell tower. During the pastoral years of priest Vytautas Skiparis (1996–2006), the roof of the church and bell tower was replaced and the church was repainted. Since 2007, interior altars of the church were repaired, and benches and walls were repainted. Up until 2013, Vėžaičiai parish was serviced by Gargždai parish priests.