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Most of the sculptures on the Witches Hill are located around the picturesque Tannental Valley. This valley, a natural forest amphitheater formed by parabolic dunes, as well as Mount Eve, has been the place where Lithuanians from the other side of the lagoon flocked over the Midsummer to pray in a mysterious atmosphere and visit the popular resort of Juodkrantė since the 19th century. 

The Witches Hill itself was divided by nature into light and dark. In the light part the trail is wide and sunny. Here live the well-known fairy-tale characters - like the giant Neringa, the twelve brothers in black, and their sister Elenutė, the fisherman Kastytis, faithfully waiting for her husband. At the very top of the mountain are the characters of a fairy tale about Neringa and Naglis. Going further, the track from "Frog Rain" narrows and darkens - the "Devil" begins: Dragons, Lucifer, the witches with devils, stepping out of the abyss through the gate of hell. At the bottom of the status cliff, scary down and looking down ... Sculpting a rooster's cock as it descends from the trail shows that the ghosts are spilling out here and all the devils are gone. The trail broadens and brightens. There is also a fun outing, country musicians playing, couples spinning. Further on - games, swings, climbing for kids.

Today Witch's Hill wooden sculpture exposition in Juodkrante is one of the most visited tourist objects in Neringa.