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Žuklijai Mound is located on the eastern outskirts of Žuklijai village, on the hill of the left bank of Nemunas. The mound is built on a separate hill located on the northern shore of Vilkokšnis lake. A cape formed on the hill was used to build the mound. The oval site of the mound is around 35 m long, 30 m wide and covers an area of around 600 m². The site and the slopes situated at a height of 5-7 m were significantly damaged when the land here was ploughed. No cultural layer was found. The mound is around 35 m high from the sides of Nemunas river and the ravines. The slope is not as steep when descending into the Nemunas valley, while the slopes of ravines are steep and fall at a 60° angle. The slopes are overgrown with trees.

Only the western end of the mound remains to this day. The rest of it was destroyed by turning the mound into a cultivated field. According to local Maksvytis, large charcoal was found during the excavations of the mound. From the south side, there is a small dent next to the mound which is the remains of a former canal.

The southern foot of the mound holds the remains of its ancient settlement. There is a small hemispherical hill with gentle slopes around 100 m to the west of the mound. It is also considered to be a mound by the locals. Legend says that both mounds were formed with the hats of soldiers who built the larger mound before leaving to war, and the smaller mound after returning home. The mound dates back to the middle of the 1st millennium– beginning of the 2nd millennium.